Online Reservation/Guidelines

  1. The Online Appointment System is for the use only of the Philippine Embassy in Seoul. This is a FREE service and all information given will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL;
  2. Personal appearance on the appointment date is mandatory. Non-appearance cancels the appointment. The user or applicant has to make a new online appointment;
  3. Fill-up properly the online forms.
  4. Click "Set the Appointment" after completing the forms and after choosing the date. Please print the confirmation slip;
  5. On the date of appointment, please get a number at the information desk of the Embassy's Consular Section, press counter 4 and wait for your number to appear at the electronic board before proceeding to counter 4;
  6. Make sure to bring all the required documents for faster and efficient service. For the list of requirements, please visit the website of the Philippine Embassy "Consular Services";
  7. To cancel an appointment, go to "Cancel My Reservation" page. Enter the confirmation code found in the confirmation slip and click "Cancel Reservation."
  8. For verification of appointment, please call the Philippine Embassy Consular Section at telephone no. (02) 796-7387 Extension 109
  9. For Report of Birth, please call the Philippine Embassy Consular Section at telephone no. (02) 796-7387, Ext. 105, for inquiries and required documents;
  10. The Philippine Embassy reserves the right to cancel appointments in the event of a non-working holidays, special notices or bad weather conditions. The Philippine Embassy will inform the applicants accordingly, via the contact information provided at the online appointment system.