1. Objectives:

    The Philippine Embassy in Seoul is mandated to "encourage the organization of associations among all Filipino nationals in South Korea, particularly those dedicated to civic purposes, wholesome recreation, self-improvement, mutual aid and protection, and activities that enhance their sense of national pride." The Embassy therefore exerts all efforts to foster unity and cooperation among our kababayan and "promote their continuing involvement in Philippine national life, particularly undertakings that advance the cause of the Philippines." The Filipino community in South Korea is an important partner of the Embassy in promoting the interests of the Philippines and strengthening Philippine-Korean relations. As duly registered Filipino Community Partners, Filipino organizations help facilitate the Embassy's engagement with the larger migrant Filipino community as well as the host country.

  2. FilCom Organizations Eligible for Registration:

    A FilCom Organization eligible for registration is any group of Filipinos of legal age with a common cause or interest, particularly as it relates to the Embassy’s objectives enumerated in the preceding paragraph, except for the Embassy’s de facto partners in extending service and information to the Filipino community which have been identified as or are affiliated with migrant centers. 

    FilCom Organizations which are also chapters of a federation (i.e., umbrella organization) or affiliated with another organization may also independently apply for registration, provided that said affiliation is stated in the online application form.

  3. Requirements for Registration:

    In order for the Philippine Embassy to duly recognize, register, and issue a certification to existing FilCom Organizations, the following documents are required:

    1. Letter to the Ambassador applying for registration;
    2. Organization’s Constitution and By-Laws;
    3. Organization’s Mission and Vision;
    4. List of Officers and Members of the Organization, together with their ID-sized photos, mobile numbers and email addresses;
    5. List and Description of Past Projects; and
    6. List and Description of Planned (Future) Projects for the succeeding year.

    The sample/template of forms may be accessed through this link:

    The application process and the Certificate of Registration is free of charge.

  4. How to Register:
    1. Fill-out the online application form at and upload the required documents listed above.
    2. The documents shall be evaluated by a Joint Technical Working Group composed of representatives from the Philippine Embassy and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office. The evaluation and approval process shall take no longer than two (2) weeks. 
    3. Once all the documents and other requirements are found complete and in order, the Joint Technical Working Group shall recommend to the Ambassador the issuance of a Certificate of Registration to the FilCom Organization.
    4. If approved, an appropriate awarding ceremony shall be conducted for the FilCom Organization. 
  5. Validity of Certificate of Registration:

    The Certificate of Registration issued by the Philippine Embassy to the FilCom organization shall be valid for a period of two (2) years. Renewal of said certificate shall be issued upon submission of a request letter by the head of the FilCom Organization providing updated information on the items listed under Paragraph B or upon completion of an online renewal of registration form to be provided by the Embassy.

    The Philippine Embassy reserves the right to cancel the Certificate of Registration at any time upon the commission by the FilCom organization’s officers or members of any acts contrary to the objectives set forth in these guidelines and inimical to the national interests of both the Philippines and South Korea and after due process.

  6. Rights and Responsibilities of Registered FilCom Organizations:
    1. FilCom Organizations are the Embassy’s partners in promoting the interests of the Philippines and Filipinos in South Korea, and in strengthening people-to-people ties between the two countries. As such, registered FilCom organizations shall be one of the Embassy’s primary contacts for effective coordination on programs and initiatives benefiting the wider Filipino community.
    2. Registered FilCom Organizations shall have priority attention to their request for appropriate assistance and collaboration with the Embassy in keeping with their commitment to “civic purposes, wholesome recreation, self-improvement, mutual aid and protection, and activities that enhance their sense of national pride” or other forms of voluntary service to their respective members and communities, under the principles of transparency and accountability.
    3. A registered FilCom Organization shall receive regular information bulletins and advisories from the Philippine Embassy on services, disaster preparedness and assistance during emergency situations; and invitations to participate in Philippine Embassy activities. Organization activities may also be featured by the Philippine Embassy once a Community Wall has been established.

    Please note that the Philippine Embassy is not an accreditation body. Therefore, the Certificate of Registration issued to FilCom organizations does not grant any rights or privileges that are usually authorized by accreditation/registration agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission. Moreover, a FilCom organization’s registration does not constitute official recognition or endorsement by the Philippine Embassy of all their activities, regardless of their nature and purpose. The Embassy, therefore, bears no responsibility for any transaction/engagement, whether financial in nature or otherwise, related to such activities.