By: Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, Seoul

Seoul, 10 September 2019 - Philippine contemporary art took center stage in Seoul through the Exhibition entitled "The Hybridity and Dynamism of the Contemporary Art of the Philippines" held at the Insa Art Center from 4-10 September 2019. The Exhibit was organized by the HansaeYes24 Foundation and supported by the Philippine Embassy, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ASEAN Korea Centre and the ASEAN Culture House. This extraordinary exhibit is part of the series of cultural events celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Philippines-Korea Diplomatic Relations this year.

(L-R) Mr. Cesar Villalon Jr. of Drawing Room Gallery, Mrs. Villalon, Mme. Elena Wong, Amb. Noe A. Wong (center), Filipino artists Ms. Kitty Kaburo, Mr. Ged Merino and Lui Medina
The HansaeYes24 Foundation presented the works of 11 Philippine artists, namely, Victor Balanon, Zean Cabangis, Chati Coronel, Patricia Perez Eustaquio, Alvin Gregorio, England Hilgado, Kitty Kaburo, Lui Medina, Ged Merino, Norberto Roldan, and John Frank Sabado.

At the opening ceremony of the Exhibit, Dr. Cho Youngsoo, Chairperson of the HansaeYes24 Foundation, remarked that the Philippines is the first ASEAN country to establish diplomatic ties with Korea and that the two countries are celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations in 2019. HansaeYes24 Foundation expressed the hope that the exhibit will be a great opportunity to broaden the Korean's understanding of the lives and culture of the Filipinos.

For his part, Ambassador Noe A. Wong thanked the HansaeYes 24 Foundation for the initiative to showcase Philippine contemporary art, contributing to the meaning and excitement of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Philippines-Korea relations. Moreover, Ambassador Wong stressed that the exhibit not only featured Philippine contemporary artworks but also the Filipino artists' talent, experimentation, and originality which proved their ability to stand among the world's best.

Mr. Heong Seok-In, Director General for Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, praised the exhibit as a representation of private public diplomacy which introduces various arts from Asian countries.

Curator Ms. Choi Eunju described the Filipino artists participating in the exhibit as "Serious in their approach to various current issues, conscious of the tradition of Filipino art and reflecting modern characteristics and trends." She also explained that the traces of artists' agonizing over the social function of art are revealed in the artworks.

Filipino-American artist Ged Merino described the exhibit as an expression of the diversity of the Filipino and his ingenuity in spirit which is reflected in Philippine art.

The opening reception of the Exhibit was well-attended. Prior to the opening of the Exhibit, an article entitled "Filipino art showcases diversity, dynamism" was published in the Korea Times. A souvenir book, "PHILIPPINES: The Hybridity and Dynamism of Contemporary Art of the Philippines," was also published by HansaeYes24 Foundation.

The HansaeYes24 Foundation engages in various activities to strengthen the relationship between Korea and its economic partner countries. The Foundation supports and nurtures activities such as overseas volunteer service program, scholarship program, culture and arts program and academic research program. END