Mandate. The Migrant Workers Office shall be the operating arm in South Korea of the Philippine Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). This is composed of the Labor Attaché II, Welfare Officer, Administrative and Technical Staff, and Local Hires. It is one of the services / attached agency of the Philippine Embassy in Seoul operating under the one-country-team-approach.

The Migrant Workers Office in Korea is one of the forty (40) MWOs in various countries in Asia, Middle East, and the Americas and Europe.

Pursuant to RA 11641, otherwise known as the Department of Migrant Workers Act, the functions of the MWO are as follows:

  1. Ensure the promotion and protection of the welfare and interests of OFWs and assist them in all problems arising out of employer-employee relationships including violation of work contracts, nonpayment of wages and other benefits, illegal dismissal, and other violations of the terms and conditions of their employment;
  2. Verify employment contracts and other employment-related documents;
  3. Monitor and report to the Secretary on situations and policy developments in the receiving country that may affect OFWs in particular and Philippine labor policies in general;
  4. Pursue, in coordination with the Philippine Embassy or Consulate, discussion on labor and other issues and concerns with the foreign government and/or the embassies concerned, and international organizations;
  5. Supervise and coordinate the operations of the Migrant Workers Resource Center (MWRC);
  6. Provide social and welfare programs and services to OFWs, including social assistance, education and training, cultural services, financial management, reintegration, and entrepreneurial development services;
  7. Provide prompt and appropriate response to global emergencies or crisis situations affecting Filipino nationals through close cooperation and coordination with the DFA;
  8. Manage cases of, and provide psychosocial services to OFWs in distress, such as victims of trafficking in persons or illegal recruitment, rape or sexual abuse, maltreatment and other forms of physical or mental abuse and cases of abandoned or neglected children;
  9. Regularly update the online database system provided under Section 18 of this Act to facilitate and ensure the delivery of appropriate, timely and effective welfare services to OFWs and their families;
  10. Facilitate the repatriation of distressed OFWs and their families, including shipment of remains and personal belongings;
  11. Verify the whereabouts, status, and condition of OFWs;
  12. Provide assistance, legal or otherwise in labor, criminal, immigration and other cases filed by or against OFWs, whether detained or not;
  13. Provide appropriate assistance to victims of illegal recruitment and trafficking in persons, kidnapping, hostage victims and other victims of other crimes in cooperation with the DFA;
  14. Conduct hospital visitation, and provide necessary assistance until the full recovery of the OFW concerned, and their immediate family members, where practicable and appropriate;
  15. Ensure the protection of women migrant workers by ensuring the designation of a gender focal point officer in its offices in MWRCs, and the conduct of regular gender-sensitivity including ending-VAW training, and gender audits to assess responsiveness of programs and services. The gender focal point officer shall also serve as the ending-VAW focal point officer; and
  16. Perform other functions and responsibilities as may be assigned by the DMW Secretary.


  1. OEC Issuance

    The OEC serves as an exit permit and proof of documentation of an OFW. It should be presented to the Philippine immigration authorities at the airports and to other government agencies to avail of all exemption afforded to OFWs such as airport fee and travel tax payment, and exemption from income tax in the PHL among others.

    A vacationing OFW (or returning worker/ Balik Manggagawa), who is returning to the same employer and the same job site, or returning to the same employer in a new job site may secure his OEC from the MWO prior to his vacation. The OEC is valid for sixty (60) days.

    1. An OFW who is returning to the same employer and have existing deployment record in the DMW can secure an OEC Exemption online through their E-Registration accounts:

    2. An OFW who is vacationing for the first time, has changed employer on-site, or without deployment record in the DMW, can secure an OEC from MWO through the following steps:

      • Get an appointment through one's E-Registration account at onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph/OnlineServices/POEAOnline.aspx

      • Proceed to the MWO on the scheduled date and present the following:

        • Screenshot or printed copy of appointment schedule
        • Original and Photocopy of Employment contract:
          • If EPS worker: valid employment contract
          • If Professional, Skilled or HSW: MWO-verified valid employment contract
        • Original and Photocopy of valid alien registration card (front and back page) or certificate of extension
        • Original and Photocopy of valid passport (photo page)
        • OWWA membership (renew if inactive)
      • Pay the OEC fee (KRW 3,000 cash only)

      • Print copy of the OEC

  2. Accreditation of Employer for Agency Hiring

    The MWO shall accredit foreign principals/ employers who are hiring Filipino workers. By accrediting a principal/employer, it means that it is found compliant with the requirements of the Philippine government and may participate in the recruitment, placement, and deployment of Filipino workers for a specified period.

    A foreign principal/ employer may apply for accreditation in the MWO through the following steps:

    1. Complete the documentary requirements for accreditation :
    2. Send advance copy of the documents to the mwokoreaeval@gmail.com for pre-evaluation
    3. The MWO may conduct interview, and worksite inspection of new principal/ employer'
    4. Once the documents are cleared for submission, submit the documents to the MWO
    5. Pay the accreditation fee (KRW 13,420 per document, and KRW 40,260 for Recruitment Agreement)
    6. Receive the verified documents and Certificate of Accreditation
    7. Register the Accreditation with the DMW

    The accreditation of principal/ employer may be suspended, terminated, or renewed, subject to existing rules and regulations.

  3. Verification of Employment Contract.

    The MWO shall verify the employment contract of new workers for deployment, those renewing their contracts, or those changing employer (Note: not applicable to EPS).

    Principal/ employer that will hire no more than five (5) OFWs may apply for exemption from the ban on direct hiring.

    Application for verification of contract may be filed with the MWO by the employer or worker through the following steps:

    1. Complete the documentary requirements

      1. Professional/ Skilled/ Semi-Skilled Workers
        1. Direct Hire - New Employee
        2. Direct Hire - Renewal of Employment Contract or Change in Company
      2. For Household Service Workers (HSW) (for Diplomats and Business Investors only)

        New Hire


        Change in Employer

    2. New employer should submit advance copy of the documents through mwokoreaeval@gmail.com for pre-evaluation; if renewal, proceed directly to the MWO

    3. Submit the documents to the MWO, and pay the verification fee (KRW 13,420 per document)

    4. Receive the original copy of the verified contract and related documents from MWO.

  4. Registration for OWWA Membership

    OWWA membership, either through the compulsory or voluntary coverages, shall be effective upon payment of membership contribution. The member is covered for two years after which the membership has to be renewed.

    To apply for new of renewal of membership at MWO – OWWA, follow the following steps:

    1. Submit photocopy of the following documentary requirements:
      • Valid ARC
      • Passport
      • OWWA Information Sheet
      • Other proof of employment: verified contract / certificate of employment
    2. Pay the membership fee and receive the O.R.
  5. Welfare Program and Services

    The Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA) works for the protection and promotion of the well-being of the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families in job sites abroad and at home in the country. The agency has a twin mandate of strengthening and expanding the package of services for member-OFWs and their dependents as well as ensuring capital build-up and fund viability.

    An OWWA-member OFW may avail the following benefits and services:

    1. Social Benefits
      • Disability and Dismemberment Benefits
      • Death Benefit
      • Burial Benefit
    2. Education & Training Assistance
      • Scholarships for dependents
      • Short-term training programs for OFWs and dependents
    3. Workers' Welfare Assistance Program
      • On-Site Assistance and Services
      • In-Country
    4. Repatriation Program
    5. Reintegration Program
      • Reintegration Preparedness (On-Site)
      • Reintegration (in-Country)

    For details: click here

  6. Assistance-to-Nationals (ATN) Services for OFWs

    The MWO will extend assistance to OFWs in distress who need medical, financial, psycho-social, legal, rescue, repatriation assistance, or any kind of analogous intervention, such as victims of illegal recruitment, trafficking in person, or whose human rights are being violated, subject to existing rules and procedures of the DMW.

    Affected OFWs or next of kin may request assistance from the MWO through the contact information below, and submit the initial ATN Form.

    link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FP2g2-7BLJoobmw0Vh_4MXM-D9Iv3rha/view?usp=sharing


    Employment Services

    Welfare Services (OWWA)

    Assistance to Nationals Services for OFWs