By: Embassy of the Philippines, Seoul

Seoul, 19 March 2018 ? The Embassy of the Philippines in Seoul, in line with its celebration of National Women's Month, organized a two-day seminar for Filipino English language teachers in South Korea on 17 and 18 March 2018 at the Rizal Hall of the Embassy chancery.

Philippine Ambassador to South Korea Raul S. Hernandez (front, center) poses with Professor Stewart Gray (first row, left), Third Secretary and Vice Consul Ella Karina Mitra (front row, right), and the 40 participants after the closing ceremony of the two-day seminar titled 'Teaching English Skills Enhancement and Training Seminar for Filipino teachers in South Korea' which was held at the Rizal Hall of the Embassy chancery on 17 and 18 March 2018.
This initiative also forms part of the Embassy's efforts to enhance the welfare of Filipino marriage immigrants in the country - considered to be one of the most vulnerable sectors in the Korean society. With over 10,000 Filipina marriage migrants in Korea, and with the number still growing exponentially, the Embassy recognizes that there is a real and undeniable need to prioritize their well-being.

The seminar, titled "Teaching English Skills Enhancement and Training Seminar,"is principally aimed at building the teaching capacities of Filipina marriage immigrants who are employed at hagwons or language academies. Further, recognizing that marriage immigrants have limited access to quality employment in the country, this seminar also aims to make them more competitive in their field. This was underscored by Philippine Ambassador to South Korea Raul S. Hernandez in his closing remarks.

Ambassador Hernandez also informed the 40 participants that this initiative was born out of the Embassy's desire to upskill Filipino teachers in specific sectors of English language education so they can be more effective in their craft and ultimately raise their level of participation in the country.

He also lauded the participants for their contribution in the country and for their devotion in the improvement of the Korean society.

"I would also like to commend all of you who, in your own ways, contribute to the advancement of multiculturalism in Korea. The important and many roles you play - both in your family and in the community - underscore much of your aspiration to raise your participation and integration into this society. Whether it be through teaching, you have all exhibited great fortitude in promoting a social environment in which cultural diversity is recognized and respected." Ambassador Hernandez said.

The two-day seminar included modules that introduced elements of the English language, teaching fundamentals, and culture-based approach in teaching the English language. The participants of this seminar also underwent effective language and teaching training through workshops and feedback sessions.

Dr. Ian Done Ramos and Professor Aaron Jones of University of Suwon and Professor Stewart Gray of the Hanguk University of Foreign Studies, all TESOL professors, conducted the seminar.