By: Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, Seoul

Seoul, 26 March 2018 ? Philippine Ambassador to South Korea Raul S. Hernandez welcomed to the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, on separate occasions, the visiting university students, faculty members, and school officials from the University of Asia & the Pacific (U&AP), Far Eastern University (FEU), and Miriam College. The students were on a cross cultural immersion in Seoul.

PH Ambassador to Korea Raul S. Hernandez with the visiting students, school officials, and faculty members from University of Asia and the Pacific (top photo), Far Eastern University (middle photo), and Miriam College (bottom photo).
Following a ten-minute video on the history of Philippine-Korean relations, the students, faculty members, and university officials were given a briefing on the role of the Philippine Embassy in Korea, its advocacies, and activities.

The meeting with the visiting students from the Philippines also served as a venue for the Ambassador and the Embassy to engage the Filipino youth. During his talks with the students, Ambassador Hernandez provided an overview of the robust Philippine-Korean bilateral relations and also the outlooks for the strengthening of this dynamic partnership. Ambassador Hernandez also encouraged them to excel in their studies and in their professions in the future as well as emphasized their important role in the country's development.

Afterwards, Ambassador Hernandez answered questions on PHL-ROK defense and economic cooperation, national security issues, as well as education opportunities for Filipino students in Korea.

In March alone, a total of one hundred thirty-five (135) university students from the Philippines visited the Philippine Embassy, making it a regular part of the students' itinerary in South Korea.

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