Filipina Writer and Illustrator Fran Alvarez Wins Nami Is. International Children's Book Festival

By: Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, SEOUL

12 May 2023, Nami Island, Korea. The Philippine Embassy congratulates Filipina writer and illustrator Fran Alvarez for winning the "Green Island" Prize in the 2023 Nami Island International Children's Book Festival for her short story and illustration entitled "Fishing Jin." The Philippine Embassy's Third Secretary and Vice Consul Jilliane De Dumo-Cornista and Cultural Officer Anthony Cornista were on hand to witness the awarding ceremony.

L-R Ms. Fran Alvarez with Vice Consul Jillian De Dumo-Cornista and Cultural Officer Anthony Cornista; Ms Alvarez accepting her award from the contest organizers
Ms. Alvarez's award-winning work is about a boy named Jin "who absolutely adores fish and loves learning about the different kinds of fish. Whether he's happy, sad or undergoing some other feeling he can't describe, the fish are always there to keep him company. One day, he meets someone who is as interested in fish as he is."

Now in its 11th year, the 2023 Nami Island World Book Festival, which began in 2005, features an arts and culture festival that combines various elements such as literature, art, music, experience and nature under the theme of "picture books." At least 1,600 entries were submitted from all over the world and screened by a panel of experts.

Ms. Alvarez's work is part of the Nami Concours Winning Works Exhibition which is currently available for viewing at the Nami Concours Gallery, Nami Island. For more information, please visit END