By: Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, SEOUL

06 May 2024, Insa-dong, Seoul - Internationally acclaimed artist, Ms. Lenore RS Lim, showcased 25 intricate artworks in a solo exhibition held at the Maru Art Center, located in the vibrant and culturally rich enclave of Insa-dong in Seoul. The exhibition was held from 01 May to 06 May 2024.

PHOTOS-Top left: Ambassador Maria Theresa B. Dizon-De Vega delivers her welcome message. Top right: Special Remarks by artist Lenore RS Lim (Bottom photo L to R): Ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Opening of Exhibition and Artist's Reception by Ambassador Carlos Penafiel Soto of Mexico, Mr. Jose
Entitled, "Interwoven Horizons: A Tapestry of Philippines-Korea Relations in Art", the art exhibit celebrates the rich cultural and diplomatic connection between the Philippines and the Republic of Korea over a span of 75 years. This exhibition showcases the mesmerizing artworks of the artist from as early as 1992 to 2022. The works skillfully capture the essence of this enduring relationship through serigraphs, etchings, prints, and abstract works highlighting our shared appreciation for art.

In her welcome remarks at the Artist's Reception, Philippine Ambassador Theresa Dizon-De Vega, conveyed "We wanted to share Lenore's unique talent as a proud Filipino artist in this special year for Philippines - Korea relations. A 75-year partnership forged in blood and sacrifice but also buoyed by the special people-to-people relations and connections made through arts and culture."

In her message, Ms. Lenore RS Lim said, "I am particularly humbled that, through my art, I am able to participate in celebrating a truly wonderful relationship between our two nations and people." She likewise expressed her sincere gratitude to Ambassador Dizon-De Vega and Chairman Lee Jon-Yong of the event's co-organizer, the Diplomacy Journal and Damwha Media Group, for making the exhibit a reality.

Chairman Lee offered his congratulations to Ms. Lim on her solo exhibition at the Maru Art Center. He further emphasized, that "cultural exchange through art is the best form of people-to-people exchange."

Present during the opening reception were members from the Diplomatic Corps in Korea, prominent leaders from the business sector, Directors of government and private museums in Seoul, cultural organizations, Filipino Community members, and Korean media. Also in attendance were the Officers and staff from the Philippine Embassy and attached government agencies. Ms. Jie-ae Sohn, Ambassador for Cultural Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) likewise viewed the exhibit and met the artist.

Lenore RS Lim has an ongoing exhibition at the National Museum of the Philippines in Manila until March 2025. END