By: Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, SEOUL

23 June 2024, Seoul - The Philippine Embassy and Filipino Community organizations participated in various multicultural festivals throughout the month of May and June 2024 to promote the Philippines in Korea.

(PHOTOS - Left: LED wall promoting the 2024 Busan Global Gathering. Top: Ms. Maria Cherry Baek (left most) and Ambassador Dizon ? De Vega with officers of the United Fil-Korean Families organization (UFF). Below: The United Fil-Korean Families booths.)
At the Busan Global Gathering 2024 held on 18 May 2024 at the Busan Cinema Center Outdoor Plaza, the United Fil-Korean Families (UFF) led by its President Ms. Maria Cherry Baek rendered an exhibition of the Filipino martial arts of arnis to the international audience. The Confederation of Ilocano Association Incorporated - Samahang Ilocano (CIAI-SI) and the Asian Food Mart likewise took part. Members of the Diplomatic Corps from Seoul also visited the Philippine food and cultural booths. UFF members clad in their traditional costumes performed the tinikling, while visitors to the booths gamely tried their skills in the traditional bamboo dance. Native handicrafts, popular Filipino cuisine such as, pancit, adobo, lumpia and kakanin (sticky rice sweets/dessert) were offered to the guests and visitors at the booths.

This year's 2024 Seoul Friendship Festival held from 24 to 26 May 2024 and sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government was held at popular tourist areas of Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggyecheon Plaza and Cheonggyechon Stream.

Philippine participation at this event likewise included tourism promotions booths, crafts booths, food booths, and traditional Philippine games. Airline tickets to Bohol and Cebu with hotel accommodation were raffled off to the lucky visitors of the booths. Minor prizes, Philippine Department of Tourism souvenirs, Philippine sweets, and fruit juices were also distributed to the crowd.

The Philippine Embassy represented by Ambassador Theresa Dizon-De Vega who was present at all the major festivals, lauded the combined efforts of the Filipino Communities in these areas as they continue to showcase and share the traditions, culture, and creativity of Filipinos with mainstream Korean society. She also thanked the organizers and officials in Korea for continuing to promote multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusivity, citing the many contributions Filipino and other migrant communities bring to Korea.

The Philippines participated actively in this year's edition of the 2024 Seoul Friendship Festival, the largest global cultural event in Seoul, with a World Embassy Zone (Cultural booth) and a World City Tourism Zone ("Love the Philippines" booth operated by PDOT- Korea.

On 26 May 2024, Ambassador Dizon-De Vega attended the Gwangju-Jeonnan Philippine Community Independence Day event. The festival was organized with the support of the Gwangju International Residents Center.

An introduction to Philippine culture, games and traditions was presented to 2nd generation Filipino-Koreans and Korean friends in attendance. A day of Filipino culture, pride and camaraderie was enjoyed among the community organizations in the region spearheaded by GJPC President Ms. Sheryl Diaz.

On 02 June 2024, Philippine representation was likewise on full display at the 17th World People's Day in Pyeongtaek City, where traditional dances were performed by members of the Pyeongtaek Migrant Filipino Community for about 2,000 Korean and international visitors who attended the festival.

The Philippines garnered the top prize of 500,000 Korean won in the stage performance category. The festival was organized under the auspices of the Pyeongtaek Migrant Welfare Center where Filipina Ms. Rowena Laconsay-Han is a consultant and translator.

Mr. Francis Jerome Tan, President of the Philippine Migrant Filipino Community, oversaw the festivities of the Filipino community which included a mini basketball tournament, food booths, an international cuisine contest, and a cultural performance composed of officers and members of the PMWC.

The Philippine Embassy booth headed by Vice Consul and Third Secretary Jillliane De Dumo-Cornista together with Consular Assistant Jayson Amboy provided consular services and ATN and consular related information to its clients. Cultural Officer Anthony Cornista organized a cultural booth showcasing various local handicrafts.

Vice Consul De Dumo-Cornista also delivered a congratulatory message on behalf of Ambassador Theresa Dizon-De Vega. END